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Young and dynamic company established in 2014 by four friends striving to create and develop great products and services

Currently company operates small production plant in Lithuania manufacturing whiteboard notebooks and it’s components. We produce and ship our products worldwide with customer both in United States, Europe & Asia.

ESQUOIA is also cooperating with other companies who product great products and helps them to sell and distribute their products via ESQUOIA partners channel. We are constantly seeking for great products and partners to give more people access to simple but great products!

Some of our pertner are also working on developing other great businesses, such as Free Appointment Scheduling Software for salons,clinics and more.

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Founding partners

Valdemar Tunkevic


Valdemar is very friendly and he enjoys creating ideas. Having developed a huge selection of great ideas so he can pick the best ones to be turn into results. And here comes Valdemar’s exceptional memory abilities and truly impressive calculation skills. These ensure fast, precise and effective development. The team can easily rely on his leadership. Being a proactive member, Valdemar can achieve remarkable results – such as the Esquoia project!

Boris Livet


Boris is sharp and creative member of the team. He can generate a lot of seriously good ideas. He can easily take on a top-responsibility tasks, such as creating a brand name or imagining a story. Boris makes the team’s brainstorming sessions as good as these can possibly get.

Donatas Beksa


Donatas easily gets fascinated about ideas. He is a strong team player posessing a talent for communication. Donatas’ exceptional writing abilities ensure the team as a whole can rely on him to convey information to customers. Being a proactive student he successfully accomplished some of his ideas at the university. With those achievements he gained high-profile corporate work experience within the field of European Economics. Being a diligent member of the team Donatas always aims to bring value, responds to challenges easily and is striving to be a great director.

Daniel Kasas

Co-Founder - Web-Dev

Joining the team at a bit more recent times, Daniel was still able to prove that the team cannot do without him. Having a company website is crucial and this is where Daniel is at his best. He brought more enthusiasm to the team and motivated other members to learn about the secrets of web development. One of his projects is peer to peer rental platform Daylui.com

Anna Jaskova

Co-Founder - Marketing & CS

Anna is active team member, she takes care of most Marketing responsibilities at ESQUOIA, such as Social Media marketing, SEO, Email newsletters marketing and other related tasks. She also manages all customer service enquiries and ensures that ESQUOIA products meet customer expectations. Anna has graduate with Chemistry degree from University of Bradford, however currently she enjoys doing work with ESQUOIA even that’s not something she studied for. Anna is also on of the founders in
peer to peer rental platform Daylui.com