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Go 100 per cent paperless with the best eco-friendly notebook in the world

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Write and Erase

ESQUOIA notebooks provide a soft writing experience and hassle-free erasing feature. If you made a mistake, smoothly erase it without leaving wrinkles.

Water Resistant

Don’t worry about spilling your drink onto the ESQUOIA notebook. The paper is water resistant. This allows you to quickly wipe the water away and continue your writing.

100% Erasable Writings

The ESQUOIA notebook offers a feature where you can erase your notes with almost anything: a tip from your pen, pencil eraser or even a wet cloth.


Ever wanted to have your perfect notebook? We can do it by simply making a notebook and its sections according to your needs by changing covers, adding personal sections and personalizing it.

100% Recyclable

We care about the planet. This is why Esquoia notebooks are made out of recyclable materials (plastic) and can be recycled afterward for continuous usage.

Reusable notebooks

Our notebooks are for using them multiple times. This allows saving the environment and requires less paper while manufacturing it.


We can make the ESQUOIA notebook with your brand logo or with your personal name. This makes it a perfect gift for your boss, co-workers or friends and family. Contact us by email at for more information.

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What people think about our notebooks?

An excellent product. Binding is unique and strong. Surface of each page is well coated and performs as expected with either medium or fine point Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable pens. A very satisfied customer.

Manish Kothari

I love it if there is more than 5 star i will give it I can’t imagine how I was write my notes without it it save my time and paper there is no excuse to lose my note any more I can’t wait until I get the pocket sized, I’m counting down


This really is a wonderful product. It has cut down my workbag weight drastically, looking forward to the pocket notebook.

Matt Wright